Marcial my dad, was a hard working  man all of his life.  He always provided us with a roof over heads, food on the table, and clothes to wear, even when Peyton’s worker’s, went on strike for quite a few years.  We lost our house on Lake St, in El Paso, and they build a home in Sunland Park, New Mexico (Meadow Vista Edition).  Mom and dad were  married for, I believe, 62 years…until mom’s relocation to heaven, 3 years before dad.


Dad worked at Peyton’s Packing Co., at a very young age here in El Paso.  He started work in the Waste dept., then onto the maintenance, then to Security Guard, until the time he retired. He walked from Juarez, Mexico, to and from Peyton’s, unless he got a ride back to Juarez, until he was able to buy a car.


The original Peyton Packing Co. plant was located in the Chamizal Zone, an area to be given to Mexico as part of the Chamizal Treaty. The plant moved to Ysleta and opened in September 1967.


Mom worked just as hard to prepare his burritos and Champurado, for his breakfast, and lunch to take to work.  Mom was up before 5 am, to send him off to work, for all the 30 some years he worked for Peyton’s Packing Co., and also washed the overalls he had to use.  Later on, Peyton’s Packing Co., was moved to the Eastside, off of America’s street. 


 I was blessed to have worked for Peyton’s Packing Co., in the Data Processing Dept., under the Kelly Girl Services of EL Paso. I had the pleasure of meeting some of the men he worked with like, Mr. Knipp, who was his longtime supervisor, Mr. Flores, from Flores Meat Market, Mr. Macias, Cuco, Gilbert Lucero, Nacho, Pipi, and Lencho.


After Peyton's Packing Co., I don’t recall what year, but dad was hired at the Abundant Living Faith Center, as the School bus driver, and in the Maintenance of the school.  I’m not certain, but believe for a good 10 years or more.


The last few years he was at home, working just as hard in the yard, always doing something. Until, his health started going down hill, and finding himself alone without mom, didn’t help any.  At any rate, his term in this world has ended, and I believe he is in thekingdom of heaven.  Someday, I hope and pray, we all will be with them, in Jesus name, Amen!